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An original Live Show and 10-City Concert Tour to benefit Lifescape


Production Partners:


  • Lifescape, formerly the Children's Care Hospital & School

  • Midco Communications

  • Karl's TV, and other tour sponsors

  • Randall Barlow

  • Phil Baker Music


Goal: To bring awareness to the mission of Lifescape through a fun musical production


  • The live show went to 10 cities in South Dakota

  • Venues included the Corn Palace, O'Gorman Theater, SDSU Performing Arts Center, and others

  • Free assembly programs to 20 schools in these communities


Lifescape is an organization in South Dakota that provides services that empower people to live their best life.

Baker wrote and produced it's a Snow Day featuring 22 original songs like Carrot Without a Snowman, It Was December, and the popular singalong Yellow Snow.


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